Learn to Shoot

  • Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction even after a malfunction has occurred
  • Do not raise your gun until the shooter before you fires (Trap)
  • Do not load or raise your gun until you are on your station (Skeet)
  • Actions must be open at all times. Do not point your gun in the club house.
  • Never load guns before changing stations
  • Eye and Ear protection is required
  • Be courteous to your fellow shooters. No talking while shooting as it can distract
  • Remain at your station until the last shooter has fired
  • Be ready when your squad is called.
  • No shot size larger than 7 ½
  • Pick up your empties when you are done on the field
  • This is your club… help with marking a pulling for open rounds

Cost: Instruction is free!
Targets: $7.00 per round of 25 with shot shells available for purchase at
competitive pricing per box of 25 shells inside the club house.

Contact information to set a time and review basic requirements:

For Skeet – Jim Decker @ 920-621-7503
For Trap – Dave Maas @ 920-860-4242