The term “Skeet” refers to an old Scandinavian word meaning “to shoot”. It stands for a competitive, target shooting sport that was invented in America in 1920 to improve a shooters aim before hunting season. Today, skeet has become an international sport for hunters and non-hunters alike.
Lead the 4-5/16” clay target, pull the trigger and break the target as it crosses the field at 49mph. A round of skeet for one person consists of twenty-five (25) shots. The object is to break all 25 targets. A skeet field consists of eight shooting stations. The usual squad is composed of five shooters, but the number may vary. Two targets are shot from each of the eight stations, one from the high house and one from the low. Then there are four pairs of doubles shot from stations 1, 2, 6 ans 7. The 25th shot is called the “optional” and is taken at the first miss. If a shooter breaks all 24, the optional shot is low 8.
Trap HouseThey say it all began in England about 1743, when hunters who wanted to sharpen their skills, began releasing live birds from a trap. Shooting at objects that escape from some kind of box has been called “Trapshooting” ever since. The sport came to America in 1831, when a trap club was formed in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the first shoot was held and recorded.

Trapshooting is the oldest, most popular and yet still fastest growing shotgun sport known to men or women.

The object is to aim, pull the trigger and break the 4-5/16″ disc which is hurled through the air at a speed approaching 60 feet per second and at any one of about 72 angles. A round of trip consists of 25 shots fired at flying clay targets thrown from a concealed machine in front of a shooter. Each shooter takes five (5) shots from each station, one at a time in rotation. As each shooter calls, in turn, for a target, the clay target is thrown out from the house at various angles. The moving target, flying away from the shooter at unknown angles makes an exciting and challenging sport.
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