The term “Skeet” refers to an old Scandinavian word meaning “to shoot”. It stands for a competitive, target shooting sport that was invented in America in 1920 to improve a shooters aim before hunting season. Today, skeet has become an international sport for hunters and non-hunters alike.
Lead the 4-5/16” clay target, pull the trigger and break the target as it crosses the field at 49mph. A round of skeet for one person consists of twenty-five (25) shots. The object is to break all 25 targets. A skeet field consists of eight shooting stations. The usual squad is composed of five shooters, but the number may vary. Two targets are shot from each of the eight stations, one from the high house and one from the low. Then there are four pairs of doubles shot from stations 1, 2, 6 ans 7. The 25th shot is called the “optional” and is taken at the first miss. If a shooter breaks all 24, the optional shot is low 8.
Trap HouseThey say it all began in England about 1743, when hunters who wanted to sharpen their skills, began releasing live birds from a trap. Shooting at objects that escape from some kind of box has been called “Trapshooting” ever since. The sport came to America in 1831, when a trap club was formed in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the first shoot was held and recorded.

Trapshooting is the oldest, most popular and yet still fastest growing shotgun sport known to men or women.

The object is to aim, pull the trigger and break the 4-5/16″ disc which is hurled through the air at a speed approaching 60 feet per second and at any one of about 72 angles. A round of trip consists of 25 shots fired at flying clay targets thrown from a concealed machine in front of a shooter. Each shooter takes five (5) shots from each station, one at a time in rotation. As each shooter calls, in turn, for a target, the clay target is thrown out from the house at various angles. The moving target, flying away from the shooter at unknown angles makes an exciting and challenging sport.
5-Stand is a clay target shotgun game that is fun and a challenge to any shooter.  5-Stand is very similar to Sporting Clays in that a wide variety of targets are thrown. No two 5-Stands are exactly alike. The game consists of 5 different shooting stations arranged in line with each other. The game starts with up to 5 shooters; one at each station. Each shooter gets to shoot at 5 different target presentations from each station. A menu card at each station informs the shooter of the sequence of targets. Five Stand is a great way to get a Sporting Clays like experience in a small amount of space, with very little walking. A full round consists of 25 targets per shooter.

A 5-stand field’s target throwers are strategically placed throughout a large field. Each of the five stations that are aligned in a row are partially enclosed by a cage that limits the angles of shooting at targets. Each athlete can view the targets from all stations from the station they are shooting from. Once all athletes have completed a station they move in a clockwise rotation to the next station.

Each station has a menu card notifying the athlete where each target is being thrown. Targets are thrown from a pre-determined sequence with a variety of flight angles and consistent speed settings. Targets may be thrown from left to right, right to left, fading away, incoming, rabbit (along the ground), vertically, and from a tower or elevated platform.

Generally, the first target thrown from each station is a single target followed up with either a report pair or true pair to round out that station. A report pair is defined as a single target thrown followed by another single target thrown upon the completion of the athletes first shot. A true pair is defined as two individual targets being thrown at the same time by multiple throwers.

On the first pass at each stand, the shooter gets a single target from one of the numbered traps. The shooter may shoot a second shot at this single target if he/she misses with the first shot. Next, each shooter gets what is known as a Report Pair of targets. This means that the first bird in the pair is thrown when the shooter calls for it and the second bird is thrown on the “bang” or report of the shotgun when the shooter triggers the shot at the first target. On the third and final pass on each stand, the shooter receives a True Pair of targets. True Pair means that two clay targets are thrown simultaneously on call from the shooter. After the final shooter finishes shooting a True Pair each shooter then moves to the next stand to their right with shooter #5 moving to stand #1.  This comes to a total of 5-targets at each stand for a total of 25 clay targets per game. Note that a shooter should bring at least 30 shells to the stand since it is possible to take two shots at first single target at each station.

Duck Flurry – Two Man

  1. A Duck Flurry is shot with two person teams.  (Requires loading 1 round of five stand)
  2. Shooters shoot from 5 stand locations 2 and 3
  3. The two shooters take position behind the 5- stand station and place 12 shells on it.
  4. When the shooters are ready, the puller configure the controller to release 24 birds at 3 second interval.   This can be configured to the single or double flurry program.
  5. The shooters can shoot in any order.
  6. No more than two shell at a time can be loaded.
  7. The team score is the number of targets broken.

Flurry – Two to Five Man

  1. A Flurry is shot with two- five person teams. (Requires loading 1 round of five stand for each shooter)
  2. Shooters shoot from the 5-Stand locations.
  3. The  shooters take position behind the 5-Stand station and place 30 shells on it.
  4. When the shooters are ready, the puller configure the controller to release (25*number of shooters) at 3 second interval.   This can be configured to the Quick, single, double or triple  flurry programs.
  5. The shooters can shoot in any order.
  6. No more than two shell at a time can be loaded.
  7. The team score is the number of targets broken.  (Next squad needs to help with scoring.)

Use the Long Range Pages to understand the controller.

MT4300 Manual

4300 Voice Manual

MT4300 Operational Video 

Starting at time 4:42 shows how to use the flurry.

MT4300 Voice Video 

Note: That Voice mode may throw extra birds based on your talking or failure to shoot.  The Voice has no “No Bird” function.  You are responsible for those extra birds and the club will NOT cover those costs.  Voice command can work with 5-stand mode but is not recommended.  Please insure that the voice mode is turned off before starting rounds.  Under Game Mode select 5 to turn voice on and off.   A “V” is in the upper right hand corner of the display when voice is active.

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