Membership Application

* Must be 65+ and a member for the past Three (3) years, must be 65 by January 1 to qualify for current year
** Includes spouse and dependent children up to age 18
*** Under age 18

Release and Hold Harmless Agreement

In consideration of the acceptance of my application to participate in the event or events conducted under the auspices of Brown County Sportsmen's Club, I hereby release and discharge said corporation, its officers, and directors, and assume all risk of property damage, personal injury or death that I may suffer while engaged in practicing for or participating in any contest or exhibitions of an athletic or sports nature sponsored, conducted or directed by the Brown County Sportsmen's Club.

Further, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Brown County Sportsmen's Club from any liability for property damage or personal injury to any person or death caused by myself while practicing for or participating in a contest or exhibition of an athletic or sports nature sponsored, conducted, or directed by Brown County Sportsmen's Club, including but not limited to trap shooting, skeet shooting, and other shooting events.

Check here if you accept this Agreement.

I understand that the club requires proper eye and ear protection for everyone in the shooting area.

I have read this entire document, understand its entire meaning, and authorize voluntarily.